YES - Seal of trust

The definitive standard in the welding industry, YES TECNO LIMITED symbolize quality, expertise, and innovation. An illustrious three decade journey of manufacturing welding electrodes and consumables, we possess an ISO 9001:2015 certification. We believe in establishing lasting relationships with our clients, beyond partaking in just a mere transaction. Our faultless quality and world-class customer satisfaction is the solid foundation on which our reputation as a global leader in the market is built. We hold the safety and ease of usage of our consumables as our top priority. Every product that is made at YES TECNO LIMITED is at the pinnacle of sophisticated welding technology that exceeds industry expectations. We stay ahead of the demands of the industry and come up with world class welding solutions because we are devoted to understanding the needs of our customers. The success of our brand is tied into the valuable feedback and input our loyal customers have shared.

Our Mission

YES TECNO LIMITED is committed to creating value for our customers. It is through relationships with our customers that we come to understand their specific needs. Our focus on bringing value starts with training our employees to better serve our markets. In the growing world our mission is to provide top-notch customer experience by delivering quality product and by building a company culturer of empowerment and teamwork.

Our customers have come to recognize YES TECNO LIMITED for our superior customer focus and experienced industry professionals. YES TECNO LIMITED is relentless in its pursuit of continuous improvement, so that we may bring value to those who drive our business- our customers.

Our Vision

Best Quality

YES TECNO LIMITED provides superior products coupled with unparalleled customer service and technical support. Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by pursuing excellence in all we do.

Our goal is to make innovative products that positively impact the very standards of the market.

To be the best in market

YES TECNO LIMITED is committed to achieving the highest level of Customer Satisfaction by developing and providing solutions for their requirements, producing high quality products and services, delivering on time, and striving to improve continuously.

Our Core Values

YES TECNO LIMITED is committed to Employee Satisfaction by providing a safe work environment, engaging the work force in challenging projects, providing high performing employees with good wages, benefits, training, and opportunities for growth. Somerset Welding & Steel recognizes that the talent of the workforce drives the success of the company. Our core values are -
  • Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism
  • Hardwork, Dedication and Achievement
  • Family, Freindship and Enjoying Life

Our Goals and Objectives

Our Goals

The continual growth of the Welding Alloys Group is attributed to our products, our customer relationships and our people. In order to be successful we are focused to honor all our promises & commitments.In order to be successful we are focused on employing motivated, talented, competent and informed people who can initiate and manage a constantly changing and challenging environment that exists in our rapidly growing company.

To be the best in the organization we are focused to deliver the excellent quality and services.

Our Objectives

YES TECNO LIMITED employees continue to be the force behind the success of our company. We promise to remain focused on the principle that our success is directly tied to the success of our customers and for that our objectives are -

  • To always achieve our suppliers desierd result
  • To provide best technical information
  • To be valued business partners to our suppliers
  • To search for new and improved best practices

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Certificates under process – ISI, RDSO